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November 17, 2012


R.J. Godlewski

Guess my idea of marriage vows (e.g., "For better or worse...etc.) are outdated.

We're now supposed to include attractiveness, fashion, and all that.

For the last year of Sara's life, her body disintegrated, she could not close her mouth, her tongue was swelled and protruding. In spite of this, mentally, she was the same beautiful woman that she had always been. And I wouldn't -- and haven't thus far -- trade her for anyone else on the planet (and for the Leftist assholes out there -- dozens of women were trying to snag me all along).

When you love someone, appearance does not matter. I guess Gen. Petraeus is now supposed to abandon America just because it hasn't taken care of itself either???

Mystical Time Traveler

Funny how if a woman isn't anorexic and thin, hasn't had enough plastic surgery to supply a toy factory and doesn't spend a fortune on clothes she is to be considered the most evil being in the world.

That is poppycock! Has anyone ever noticed how ugly women on the left are?

BTW: I am a woman who "let herself go"! After 10 years of widowhood, I really don't care. I am happy with myself and my Grandma look.

Tammy Swofford

Why are WOMEN attacking another woman when she has received the news that no wife ever wishes to hear?



She may not care. We don't know their history. Perhaps her husband left the marriage years ago, perhaps she did. Who knows. It's none of our business. They might even be content with their arrangement. Just once though, I would like for one of these wives we perceive to be left behind step up to the plate and say, "I'm not missing anything."


It isn't just women that are attacking her, it is men also, mostly in the 'comment sections' of certain sites.

I'm not saying this is Holly's fault, not at all. I'm simply sharing what is being said by some. We all knew this would happen eventually.

On the other hand, what I said about taking pride in how we look and making the most of what we have is an important point.

The same goes for men. I've seen men who let themselves go, there is no excuse, just like there is no excuse for cheating on your spouse.

Vows mean something. Vows taken before God mean something and the promises we make to each other mean something. Or they should.

Apparently they don't mean much to Petraeus or to some other Generals.

Grouch at Right Truth

Hmmmmm, you look just as good as you did 40 years ago, Mrs. Grouch.


Rebelle: Good point. We don't know what goes on in the privacy of their bedroom or what their arrangement is.

Perhaps she knew, didn't care, accepted the arrangement for what it was. Perhaps, but we don't know.

It will be interesting to see what she does, if she 'stands by her man' or not.


Oh sweet Grouch, you might be a little prejudiced, ha.


I read this article and i shook my head.....what the hell is wrong with people now a days ?
How ANYONE could criticize her or blame her just goes to show how immoral people are today, and how phony and out of touch.

When you meet a girl and stay together , it does'nt matter what she ends up looking like, it's still the girl ya fell in love with all those years ago.

I read crap like this where other people are blaming her, and it makes me depressed.
Shows we don't have far to go before our civilization is completely in the toilet.


Always On Watch

I agree that Holly Petraeus knew that her husband was cheating on her. Perhaps she said to herself, "He's going through a phase after his battle with cancer. This, too, shall pass."

I am quite surprised that Holly Petraeus didn't try to look better. Maybe she did, for all I know. But as one of similar age, I know that I should make the effort to look better, so I do.

No matter what, we can't get away from the fact that marriage vows are just that -- vows. We swear those vows before God and should not have taken those vows lightly. Therein is where I condemn General Petraeus: he abrogated his marriage vows. He is culpable, certainly, and primarily culpable.


Well said Paladin.


Neither men nor women are immune from cheating. It is popular to delude ourselves into thinking that in this case like so many others the guy cheated but with who??? Wasn't there a woman? Are we acting as though this is a "man" problem? This is simply human nature. Not saying it is good or advisable but it is normal. I respect all of those who have managed to avoid it but don't delude yourself into thinking you are "better" you too are just human and your tastes and desires rule you actions as well.

Brian Sanborn

Maybe glove slaps and dueling for honor werent so bad ? Anybody consider that there just might be an organization to this whole thing. RJ brought it up also...whole lotta shakin' goin on in the high commands right now.
Maybe it's time for the high command to quit taking this CIC's BS and JUST SAY NO. Make a great Bumper sticker wouldn't it ? An OBama logo and the words "JUST SAY NO". Time to completely recall the Congress and Senate with locally driven new persons who can just say NO. Speaking of bumper stickers I saw one day after the infraction, I mean selection, or what ever that political exercise should be called, it was the word PooP where the letters "o" were Obama logos. Simple and to the point.


How repusive! How dare she write such rubbish! None of us look like we did ten years ago let alone forty years ago. My God! As to the whole situation, it is sad, disgusting and I feel for Holly. What a bunch of sickos!


Opps! "...repulsive!"


She looks fine. She looks as good as he does, or better, AFAICS. The Left has become really weird about men, women, looks, fashion and sex lately. Attacking a publicly betrayed wife for looking her age is sociopathic. I think she looks dignified, warm and decent. That's what the world needs more of. Not more teetering heels and surgical smiles.


I like what the previous blogger wrote.
Husband and wife -they both look like over middle aged people. Everyone ages differently. The General is not particularly attractive either. What is attractive is the position he held.
There is not much Mrs Patraeus could do to look like the other women involved- except go back in time. She could have fancy-ed herself up a bit but that's about all she could do. The vultures were always in the wings.


I broke a vow to an organization but only after discovering that I had been lied to about the agreement, I knew the other party made the rules but didn't know that those rules included THEIR right to break the vow. That rule was kept a secret yet they claimed that they told me all the rules. Sort of a different thing -I was breaking a vow to a tyranny.

One doesn't break vows lightly, but I cannot help but wonder if the General fell for the deception that it is okay for a man to break a marriage vow because 'everyone does it.' Still wrong but then what would you expect from him - this is a GENERAL who supports Obama.

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