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November 06, 2012



What a friggin porkchop this has turned out to be.
Me and the fiance have made our decision that we'll probably leave this country as soon as she retires and go back to Alberta.
Things are gonna get really bad really fast and the little economic opportunity that exists will soon be gone.

I heard on the radio tonight that they are already worried the stock market will tank tomorrow.
I had planned on building an agricultural business out west with a cattle ranch and bed and breakfast, but there's no point now ! Why ? So Obastard can steal everything we work hard to build?



s ander

i am so sorry for all americans tonight....yes ...most americans are ignorant....i just can't believe it...look what they voted in again tonight.


Devastated. Absolutely devastated

Snake Hunter Sez,

Snake Hunter Sez,

I had high hopes for Energy Independence from O.P.E.C. and a business-friendly environment to spur a robust economic recovery, but too many voted "skin" and too many other folks wanted a 'redistribution of wealth' so they can get something for nothing.
Paladin's right; watch the Stock Market Nosedive!

The Gimme, gimme crowd are gulping down the Kool-Aide tonight!

Obama will begin a dismantling of our military
with a planned One Trillion Cut in Military Budget in 10 yrs.

What will the Flag Officers at the Pentagon do about that?

Obama is now free to be "more flexible" with Vladimir Putin, and he'll be sending Valerie Jarrett to IRAN to finalize a "Nuke Deal" with The Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomenie and his wild & goofy Admadinejad.

The Israeli feel abandoned now, and will feel it necessary to act quickly to stop Iran from moving on their threat to "Wipe Isreal Off The Map." In 1948 the Jews said, "NEVER AGAIN!"

"What Fools We Mortals Be"

___ ___


In the words of Winston Spencer Churchill, "We are in the midst of a disaster of the first magnitude".

Lib dumbed down education worked for the Left. A dark, socialist horizon is now in view. I never thought I'd see the day that stupid voters would outnumber smart ones.

Susan Benton

I am crushed beyond word -this is horrible news, horrible. This evil bag of shit will provide 4 more years of the same. What do we do? what do we do?

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

I will never vote again for President unless the candidate is a true conservative. I am so tired of getting stuck with these so-called conservatives, McCain and Romney, what a frigging joke!

The Party has failed us for the last 8 years coming up with these so-called conservative candidates, what a complete disappointment!

I am so shocked that the American people went along with subjecting themselves to this socialist, I can't even drink to get drunk to commiserate with my buddies here on Right Truth!

I'm out, net closed for repair!

Susan Benton

I personally think that Andrew Breitbart was right - we needed to unite behind our candidate - any candidate. Between Mitt's lack of a strong conservative stance (it didn't help that some Christians would not vote for a Mormon - DUH) and the outright theft by the unions it was going to be hard. I do agree the party has failed us, but we have failed us as well. I too am just sick of this.

Susan Benton

Forgot to say two other things
1) yes people are this stupid because they have all this "free education" from the left and the teachers unions
2) a lot of this was about hating whitey

Frederick William Dame


This is my response to the statement "I can't believe Americans are so stupid!"

I can and I do believe this. Americans have shown twice and even in the between election years that they love being stupid. They are so stupid that they don't know what intelligence is. Leo Trotsky and Stalin were correct. All the communists have to do is to align with the Democratic Party, infiltrate and America will become a carcass of freedom.

Frederick William Dame

Tammy Swofford

We are uneducated and cannot think critically. On the heels of his victory, Obama tells us he will raise our taxes.

The Tea Party, Republicans and Christian right have greatly overestimated their strength, political will, and ability to support and sustain a candidate.

Tammy Swofford

Susan Benton

It doesn't matter about the taxes, because only the EEVIL rich and the smucks in the middle pay taxes. The angry blacks and white lower classes think that that they are owed something and that it doesn't matter. Wait till America goes belly up - but some still won't care - as long as American idol is on TV to entertain them.

Always On Watch

A lot of this result can be laid at the doors of the progressive education system. This system incrementally destroys critical thinking -- never ind that it claims to promote critical thinking.

Americans are so deceived.


Bottom line: the Left and the lamestream media -- both wholly lacking in honesty, integrity and any credibility -- are going to continue the cancerous damage they've already done the past four years. Anyone who voted for it will be just as responsible.


Prepare for FEMA imprisonment. We have become the Land of The Feebs.


When the colonists wre so frustrated by repetitive Crown intrusions and taxes they finally began the greatest politiccal movement in the history of man. We are at that crossroads again. This time it is not the Crown but of our own doing. Beginning this day, all Americans who voted against the current administration must take action into their own hands. Beginning today we must flood the press, the net, our local meetings and fill the snail mail with demands to replace the entire Federal structure with a Constitutional-based system. The Supreme Court must be cleared and the House and Senate must be cleared. An immediate call to de-fund all government departments is mandatory. Thomas Jefferson used this tool to reign in the Federal court system and we can do it again. The Department of Defense can assimilate the "Intelligence" departments and everything else needs to be traded back to the states individually. If you own a business then you should close and reopen with no employees only contractors.
If you are an employee ask to be made a contractor. There is an important legal challenge in the court right now that has good support that says that a bartered wage is not income therefore not taxable. Since Fess PArker died and we don't have him to save the country at 730 on Sunday night we have to do this ourselves. This was the second election where the vote from Metro areas trumped the rest of the country. If you look at a country by county in each state you see the picture. This current government is representative of one section of people and that section has to disappear from the statistics. The best way to do that is shut down the illegal Federal departments that have created and sustained them. For those of us that are claiming Christian faith and values, we still need to take care of the poor, not the unemployed. We still have to help the widows orphans and veterans not the unemployed. Our faith based institutions are mandated this by their faith yet delegated it to the government. So I am throwing this challenge to every faith based organization of any size, take care of your own and those in your neighborhood instead of mega buildings and fancy leaders. You cant take that 25000member church building to heaven but you can take your fellow humans by doing what is right and mandated. Quit abandoning the Gospel mandates and turn about embracing your community and those in need not those unemployed. This also requires that the Federal and State governments cease all social welfare programs. If the faithful are covering it, there is no need for tax dollars and those dollars could stay in pockets where they could go directly to the needy not supporting the massive social bureacracy that has been created to "serve the needy".
Lastly, SAY NO, recall all elected officials and make the election of individuals an honor rather than an attempt to become an aristocratic leech on society. The Founding Fathers saw political service like universal military training. Get in dont hurtthe Constitution and get out. All current elected officials at the representative levels should return all salaries and benefits and serve in honor. They have jobs or businesses that can wait for them. Elected by the STATES CITIZENS they are not FEDERAL EMPLOYEES and should never be given any federal money. That is for the military.
This may be the last years of an open access as the net is the last bastion of open communication. Don't use your cell phones, shut them off so your can't be monitored and go back to written letters and landlines. In the next few months our response to this second travesty is very important. We must demonstrate to all Americans that the defense of our Constitution is more important than anything else.


The fabric of the country has changed. I feel like a foreigner here. You won't see me any longer participating in a pledge of allegience or standing for the national anthem. That America is gone. Socialism has overtaken the land and the majority like it and will vote for it every time.

R.J. Godlewski

Yes, even bad elections have consequences. Effective immediately, I am shutting down my businesses and capital aspirations.

I now realize that I can no longer afford to care about my fellow man and must think about my own survival.

May God have Mercy on the United States of America...


I think you should all leave the country. Why not you know it's just being destroyed. So go, go now please.

Grouch at Right Truth

If we make it to 2016, might I suggest we only accept a true conservative candidate and not another establishment selected RINO?

I suggested this for the 2012 race and was soundly criticized. I was told I needed to shut up and that I needed to get on board the RINO train if we were going to beat Obama.


Snake Hunter Sez,

Lots of Negativity Here.
Mitt Romney is a decent man... an honorable man, so cool yer jets!

This Terrible Nightmare came upon us because the Chicago Slugs played the race card effectively.

Romney could have chosen Marco Rubio for his v.p. running mate and had a lock-on Winner.

The Latino vote went to the Left... 71 to 21

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? A civil war...? An abandoned Isreal hits Iran, wiping out the Mullahs in Tehran, plus their underground nukes... in 48 hours?

Keep yer powder dry folks; never give up on this nation. The USA is this planet's only hope, and the crazy Jihadi Muslims know it!

Peace, Through Strength...
Sempre Fi, Damn It! - reb
___ ___

Smart Alex

Sadly, half of America believes that the Presidential Election is American Idol. It's just another reality show with lots of giveaways and pretty faces and Obama is Santa Claus. (with our money)

It's time we qualify people who vote. You must pass a simple civics and economics test or you don't get to vote. That would eliminate who get their info solely from late night talk shows,Facebook and Twitter.(or sorry...forgot MSNBC)


What amazes me is how dumb everyone in the country is, even the comments here show people for the ignorant human beings they are. You actually think people "voted" for Obama? You actually think Obama runs the country and makes decisions? It's hard for me to comprehend this, how could you be so stupid? The USA is being run by people with a million times Obama's intelligence, and they are so smart they have all of you fooled on a quantum level about every subject there is under the sun. And you don't even realize it, and if you did you would go insane. And if you knew what was coming for the USA and the world, you would hide under your bed in fear. All you have to do is know history to know what's about to happen. The same exact thing that has happened before countless times for the last 2,000 years is going to happen once again. The enemy of mankind has taken over the USA, and now they are going to destroy it and in the process take down the rest of the world at the same time. Then comes their little god to rule over the people of the world, with them as the guardians over the Gentiles.

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