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November 18, 2012



Hezbollah ????? If it's true , she needs to be arrested ! ! Immediately !
And don't tell me Petraeus didn't know.
I wonder if the Jezebel heard that they blew up our embassy in 1983 in Beirut, and that they bombed the Marine Barracks , same year killing almost 300 ???
Not to mention they were active against us in Iraq and one of their dirtballs was recently released from jail in Iraq , whom killed 5 of our soldiers in a deadly deception ambush ?

(Hezbollah is MORE dangerous than AQ, better trained, better equipped, and way more sophisticated.
Sometimes i wonder whats going on in this country?
Who's safeguarding our entity?
Here we have one of our best Generals, and instead of doing what needs to be done, the idiot is running around with his zipper down ! Geez !
If this is true, he should also be arrested for deriliction of duty...the a-hole !

Susan Benton

Frankly I never trusted Petraous once Obama took over, oh maybe I gave him a pass for a year or so. Same goes for Robert Gates. ANYONE who didn't resign, retire, or find an excuse to leave PTQ once the abomination took charge is suspect - IMHO.

Susan Benton

That should read PDQ (pretty darn quick). Even without knowing the first thing about these sisters the way they dress and pose has trouble written all over it. Ditto for Broadwell. While she seems a little more competent have you noticed the way she dresses?

That someone who HEADED the CIA thought they could mess around with a high class slut like Broadwell, or was dumb enough to write a letter of support for Kelley's sister, well it really worries me. With no training, and nothing more than a few popular TV shows as my guide, I was more capable of pulling the wool over people's eyes when I was 20 than this trio of sluts.

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