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November 14, 2012



What is with lightweight people and power now a days?
Everyone wants to be in power or have it, yet they are idiots !
Look at what we got for a President....total lightweight, look at your average politician , more idiots.

Where are all the real leaders and people who actually know what the hell they are doing and have a moral compass?

What a sorry state this country is in.


Can you imagine any this crap happening 20 years ago?? Neither can I.

What corrupt society and government.

It's a disgrace.

Susan Benton

PALADIN is exactly right. I worked many years in a fairly esoteric field (not political) and in the past 10 years it has been flooded with 20somethings with a "Master's degree in____Studies." It takes years of experience and no degrees in "____Studies" (what a joke).

These idiots are all lightweights who know one thing - how to talk. I've cleaned up the mess after a few of them, and all the real professionals hate their guts. In this instance it is more about status than power (except power over a very small sphere). They expect/demand instant acclaim without working for it.

R.J. Godlewski

Has anyone noticed how many commanding officers of naval vessels have been relieved of duty during the past, say, ten years or so?

I do not ever remember hearing of such a thing in the past, now I receive emails almost everday about another CO losing their job because of this or that.

Jenny the Pirate

What amazes me is how easily "great men" are led astray by immoral women. Where do these gutless guys come from? And will we ever be free of the jet-setting elitists who will sell us down the river for a glass of Dom Perignon?


PALADIN is precisely right. I labored a long time inside a fairly esoteric area (not political) and previously ten years it's been flooded with 20somethings having a "Masters degree in____Studies." It requires experience with no levels in "____Studies" (exactly what a joke).

These idiots are lightweights who know one factor - how you can talk. I have cleared up the mess following a couple of of these, and all sorts of real professionals hate their guts. In cases like this it's much more about status than energy (except energy on the really small sphere). They expect/demand instant acclaim without working for this.


There were two other Generals that were not promoted, moved out of their positions early. The theory was they disobeyed orders , or planned to disobey orders rather, when ordered to stand down and not send help to those under attack in Benghazi

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