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November 25, 2012



We know the truth and Israel has EVERY right to defend itself against hostile enemies.

The MSM will never shed or share the truth about what is happening, so I am thankful for Fox News and of course, AFR, and other Christian news media. They tell it like it is and that's it. Unbiased reporting.


They ARE TERRORISTS , and they deserve an express elevator to hell, plain and simple.

The most disturbing thing to come from last week, is that Hamas was legitimized by Obozo and his Liberal madia lackeys with their pandering and asskissing , now when Hamas breaks the ceasefire and launches more rockets when they get em from Iran, the Liberal turd media will once again treat them as a legit state instead of the international criminals they are.


What's with the "Replica watch" thing?

RIGHT on - Andrew was right - we need to tear down the Democrat/Media complex. I am this is one way to do it - bring attention to their lies, and renaming schemes. Thanks Tabitha - great article.

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