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December 28, 2012


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Not suprizing.
I can go to any Chic Fil A or KFC at any time of the day and all ya see are BIG HUGE Black gals filling their faces and their kids faces.

Not my problem if they don't have the discipline to eat healthy food.
Sides, now they Obamacare why would they live healthy?
The rest of us will foot the bill.

Next damn thing you'll hear is Jesse Jackasson or Al Sharpton sueing KFC because they are killing black people with fried chicken !

Oh what a damn mess.

Decking Ipe

Beef fat goes rancid very very quickly. The only 'safe' fat to save for any length of time is bacon fat. Even then, it only keeps for a few days at room temperature. That would explain the horrid smell your friend experienced. Soul Food! Mmmm-mmmm, sho' am good!

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