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December 02, 2012



Once again, folks involved with our government show that they are either unable to understand the reality of Islam, or they are unwilling to understand the reality of Islam.

Sad part of it is that they won't get it even as the mutilated bodies of our new-hire gay and lesbian spies start piling up outside our embassies.


In the old days being gay was a huge liability for a CIA officer due to the blackmail potential. I guess they now want gay Muslims to infiltrate the gay branches of AQ.

BTW, what's 'questioning'?



Exactly right. Brave, highly decorated military men are being pushed aside because they try to teach the true dangers of Islam, Oh No. Can't do that, can't name the enemy. Invite them in, let them cry Allah Akbar and kill soldiers on our bases.


"Q" Questioning if for those individuals that are even more confused than the LGBT folks, questioning what they are, can't decide, ...

Oh what a wonderful world, ha.

We're doomed.


Makes me wanna puke.
Yep push this agenda till it destroys the country.

Does'nt suprize me, it's more known everyday that Obama is a bi sexual, and the Hildabeast as well.
I wonder what the signing bonus is?
A week in San Francisco courtesy of the agency ?

Snake Hunter Sez,

Nate is right!

Imagine two naked and headless, hairy-legged bodies entwined in a cold, passionate embrace outside our U.S. Embassy...
On Al-Jazeera Muslim TV for all the world to see.

Whew, Stinko! - reb
___ ___

mystere's moonbat slayer club

I'm going to use a little slang here Debbie, so that if your Hubby "Grouch" reads my reply, he might get a laugh out of this.

The lefties really baked a fruitcake out of this one. The Ding Dongs have gone out to hire the Twinkies and Ho Hos to spy on the Muslims? The lefties have burned their cream pies this time. They think they're being a good hostess by recruiting their community to gather intelligence on what the Muslims are up to. These ding dongs don't realize they just hurled an insult by tossing a cream pie into the face of the Muslim Community. When the muslims toss the loaded fruit cakes back at the United States, the backlash the lefties see and feel might be the wake up call needed to bring the public out of the fool aid stupor.

Keep on telling the truth Debbie!


Susan Benton

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! When the Muslims give these new recruits the same treatment they give their own "sexual confused" maybe the dingbats in DC will finally understand.


mystere's moonbat slayer club:

Good one, thanks for that, Needed a laugh.

Susan, I don't know if anything can make the dingbate in DC understand.

I know God is in control, thank goodness, because I sure can't see the logic.

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