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December 03, 2012



He's an a-hole with a capital "A"

Syphillitic Liberal Turd.


More information is coming out today. Apparently Belcher had a history of violence and violence against women. He spent that night with another woman. His mother watched him shoot his girlfriend.


Other team mates are speaking out in the same article about how this was not the fault of the gun, but the person using it for the wrong reasons.


It's not the gun, it is the evil, mean, person:

When he was 13, Belcher repeatedly beat up and threatened a white boy until the boy's family were forced to move...


Twelve years ago, when Belcher and the caller's son were both 13 and attending the same school in West Babylon, New York, Belcher and a gang of his friends repeatedly beat up the caller's son and threatened him with worse. The father complained to the school and the police. Nothing was done. The caller says that Belcher had an ability to appear like a choir boy in front of adults and no one would believe that he was a violent criminal. Finally, out of fear for their son's life, the family moved from Long Island to Tampa, where they reside now. The caller says that his son was so traumatized by Belcher's treatment of him that for years he became dangerous himself, as he would over-react to any perceived threat from others. However, in the last few years the son has gotten over the trauma, settled down and married, and now has children.

Needless to say, the major media have no clue about Belcher's brutal past.








Yes, Bob Costas, it is a tragedy that this guy killed his girlfriend, but it is immaterial how he killed her. He could've just as easily beaten her to death with his fists if he so chose. He is a big dude.



Greg Gutfeld blasts Bob Costas, calls Jason Whitlock a bigot



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