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December 26, 2012


Mystical Time Traveler

It takes 3/4 of the states to ratify an amendment. This one has a snowball's chance in hell of passing that many states.

R.J. Godlewski


If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times.

The ONLY change to the Constitution that we need is an amendment that tosses California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, New York, and the District of Columbia OUT of the Union.


I will not comply with such a prohibition, whether the libtards manage it or not.

Steve American Patriot

Great job on this post Debbi.

Let me ask your Liberal readers a question.It always comes back to "it´s the fault of the Republicans in the House," doesn´t it? No one expects anything good out of Democrats so the fact that they are backing Obama in every unconstitutional act goes without comment or complaint. Don´t any of you have Democrat representatives or senators you can complain about? And, if you do, why do you constantly complain about Bush and other Republicans?
It’s like a phobia, where someone reacts to anything that Obama does or says, they are automatically labeled as a "Racist"! I Are these people really Americans? Sometimes I have to think twice about it. It makes me sick when I see these Racist remarks. In the minds of the simpleton liberals and progressives, it was either Bush or the TEA Party for everything that goes wrong.If they can't figure out who to pin the blame on, then just Blame either one, Bush or the Tea Party. In their minds Obama can never do anything wrong. In Obama’s mind his race plays a key role in everything he touches. What a pathetic reason to hate. But that’s Obama for you.
Barack Obama has been a huge failure for this country. He has spent more than any president ten fold and yet unemployment is at 11-12% when you factor in people who have simply stopped looking for work. So don't think it's at 7.8! No president has been reelected with unemployment lower than 8%, and yet he was. There are 4+ million jobs fewer in this country than when Obama started into office. The fact that he cried about the war and how Bush was violating our rights by wiretapping and "torturing?" Funny how he has taking those tactics and turned the knob up a bit on all fronts. You have hundreds of predator drone strikes that kill, yes, but also eliminate any chance to capture and obtain information that could further help. Bush's "torture" tactics are what helped the Obama team eventually get Bin Laden.
Its been almost 4 years since Obama got in office. Where's the hope and change? How are you enjoying the health care bill that was shoved down our throats, that Pelosi said "we needed to vote on it to find out what was in it", that 65%+ of the population now wants to strike out. Wake up people. If your a far left liberal than I am not speaking to you because as far as I can see you probably don't think Obama has done ENOUGH! However, for you simple democrats, your president is destroying your party. And quit complaining about the racism, honestly? You think Bush didn't get pelted with nasty comments? How about the movie that came out about his being assassinated while he was still in office for crying out loud? You people are crazy. The man's mind is clouded by hate, anger and racial bias. Not to mention is Socialist ties..
When I hear your liberal posters say things like "He was a warmonger who let 9/11 happen while he went on constant vacation" It blows my mind. To me it sounds more lime Obama than Bush!

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Steve, you are so right, I can't say anything else...

MTT - Since I personally believe that it is the liberal mentality of the "Gun Free Zone" that has caused the Mass majority of this violence, enshrining more rights is the answer, not less.

RJ - It does seem to be North, East coast - West Coast problem, does not it?

Of course, if the Liberals really wanted to get a "fare" solution, would not the producers of Violent Movies and games have to be involved as well? Where in the Gun panel are your everyday citizens and also their representatives, the NRA and GOA?

Where are our religious leaders and most importantly, G-od himself.. The liberals in the last 30 years have pushed him out of the family, the society, the schools along with his wrath for violating his Commandments... For the children of today there is no retribution for murder, then whats the big deal with killing one or 100?

G-od has always been and will always be here when the eyes and hearts of people are open to him...

If I remember, was not it the Liberals that have been pushing not hospitalizing those that have mental disabilities for treatment, letting them running around on the streets?

Skunk - Your attitude makes me thing that you are a TEA party, conservative, Veteran, who actually thinks that Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the US Constitution should really be followed? Oh my G-od, call the DHS and get this guy before someone else listens to him, we can't have decent from a one party rule!

This guys idea is more dangerous that the worst invention ever thought of and then produced by Man: The High Capacity Magazine!


Just saw this:

The Senate is going for handguns too



Also see:

Gallup Poll: Record Number Of Americans Against Handgun Ban…



Obama Says He Ran For Re-election So He Could Have “Men With Guns” Around To Protect His Daughters…


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