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December 26, 2012


R.J. Godlewski

Republicans remain politicians, Democrats remain villains, and the citizenry remains duped into paying for both.

What, may I ask, has ever changed?


While I agree that Republicans must stick to their core values I think you are missing a very important point; once Obama began borrowing $1.5 trillion a year a tax increase was inevitable. If Romney had won and the Republicans held both houses a tax increase would still happen. Obama and his band of tax and psend democrats have already put this in place and now we are simply making it official. The correct way to look at this is what can the Republicans salvage. The tax increase on the rich and middle class is inevitable. The voters made it so in 2008 and doubled down in 2012.


Good points all.

But the Republicans should not have agreed to anything until there were cuts, REAL cuts, to spending agreed to. With Obama we will get nothing, no cuts, in fact he plans to double-down on spending.


Brian Sanborn

Let us illustrate a real cut. Eliminate all Federal employees who are not related to the court the congress or the military. Suddenly the needs for federal funds disappear. What can be taken on by the States that isnt already duplication (quite a bit of that) should be considered. All social services are not federally mandated by the Constitution but left to the States...One document earlier than the Constitution placed the responsibility for social services upon the individual, not the government whether it was State or Fed. In that document, the poor are always with us and the widows, orphans and handicapped are to be taken care of. All others work or live by their own means. So if we can provide at our neighborhood level without having to rely on State or Federal bureaucratic organizations, I think the cost would go down and the services would be more available. Two long term organizations in our area are Catholic and Lutheran Family Services. Churches who run and hide from this responsibility should be counseled by their people to stand up and quit relegating to the State and Feds. A condition of being a Christian is this very directive...as a matter of fact it is one of the most imperative of our teachings. So National and State political parties have only their own goals. Both are bent. All are bent, maybe we should start disregarding the party and look at performance, beliefs, and past actions as a predictor for political office success.

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