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December 31, 2012



Naw, Naw ! They got it all wrong !
The story now is that she's eloped with Janet Napolitano....they have fled to the Island of Lesbos in the Greek Mediteranean.....
Monica was seen today getting out of a cab at Bubbas NY City apartment......
Chelsea aint saying anything............




I thought maybe she was shacked up with Huma Abedin....

Or getting a facelift ....


Deb , from what i heard , Huma will be the adopted daughter....Anthony Weiner has fled to Katmandu and is living in Buddhist Monastery.............

If she is getting some skullwork done, maybe they will drill a hole in her skull so some of the shit can leak out and give her some relief........

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Here's the story....

Hillery has brain cancer.

She is using the fall as a cover for her to be treated for the cancer.

She does not want to say anything because she feels having cancer, and her age in 2015, will hurt her chances at the Presidency in 2016.

It ain't funny, but I think this is the truth for the situation.

Still no budget, no fiscal law to avert the Fiscal Cliff, so Happy new Year folks...

Susan Benton

Any, all of the above work for me. OR she simply is letting the clock run out because she doesn't want to testify about Benghazi.

Of course, she really could have had a concussion, or a blood clot, or brain cancer - well, if anyone was going to get it I'm not sorry it was her.

Tammy Swofford

I viewed the image of Chelsea leaving the hospital and her face showed tremendous emotional stress. If her mother were talking, laughing, and behaving normally such stress would not have shown. As a nurse I have seen a wide bandwidth of emotional response to suffering during the care of my clients and their families.

Last night, and when I awakened this morning, my prayers were for Chelsea. She is an only child visiting a mother who is undoubtedly ill.



Yes, seriously, we don't wish any illness on anyone else. I read where Chelsea looked very upset and who can blame her. Hillary is her mother.

As with Benghazi, we may never know the real truth.

Brian Sanborn

I think it was Samuel L. Clemens (not Jackson) who stated " There are Lies, DAMN lies and Statistics." He obviously had these types of things in mind about the Fed back then as well as we do now.

Mystical Time Traveler

What did the Grouch say about this?


Mystical Time Travelers: The Grouch is skeptical...


How anyone can feel for her is amazing.
I don't wish illness on her or anyone, but if recall back in September how she handled the murder of our people in Benghazi , then you 'll understand why a majority of people don't give a damn.

She is responsible for the murder of those people and the cover up.
And considering ALL the awful stuff she has done over the years...the lies the deceit, the corruption, why the hell should anyone feel for her !

She has ruined a lot of people.

And Chelsea from what i've read is a spittin image of her.

Always On Watch

I saw that photo of Chelsea.

As one who has twice faced down her husband's neurological crises (acoustic neuroma in 1993 and a major stroke in 2009), I know that look that Tammy alluded to in her comment above. Such a look is well nigh impossible to fake!

Is an MRI typical followup for a concussion? Not to my knowledge. For diagnosis of a tumor or an acoustic neuroma, an MRI with contrast is the diagnostic tool of choice.


Wow you people are cracked!

Btw anticoagulants DO NOT DISOLVE BLOOD CLOTS!!
They help prevent new ones.


@ Aughra:

Anticoagulant -

Drug used to prevent clot formation or to prevent a clot that has formed from enlarging.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

I hope that the Secretary gets well and the Republican Party gets it's act together an beats her in the general election for the presidency...

She deserves to be beaten in the political arena because her ideas are skewed, not to languish with a medical disability that would prevent her from running for President.

I think that when anyone falls and has a concussion, as I have had, several times, get to the hospital and get checked up, dont sit at home and self repair.

As to Benghazi, Romney and his staff blew that one already on the third debate...


Jon if she runs she will win, just like Obamugabe did.
Her machine will steal the vote once again and she will win.
i'm willing to bet ya on it.

My opinion of her is : lyin, conniving, cheatin, corrupt, criminal, bitch.
Thats what she is, and thats all she will EVER be.
That she is lying in a hospital , i don't give a fiddlers fart.
What goes around comes around.
And no, i don't wish that on anyone.
She is complicit in the tearing down of our country with Obamugabe and while she was 1st lady.
And her and that turd of a husband of hers were never held accountable....so ya no tears here !

I did'nt respect her before she became injured and i sure as hell don't respect her because she got injured.....she's still the same turd she was and is.

Snake Hunter Sez,

I shed no tears for Bubba & Hillary since I found their close connections to The Muslim Brotherhood through Huma Abedin, and recently I made a bold
print 3" X 8" sticker taped
to inside rear window of my Volvo.

we'll never forget benghazi



Try it on your printer! - reb
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