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December 12, 2012



Why are we fighting in Afghanistan? Why is Afghanistan worth one American life?

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

We are fighting in Afghanistan to deny the Taliban and Al Qaeda a location that provides a base for these two criminal organizations to establish, once again, a country to rule as they wish, plan and execute world wide terror that endangers millions.

Woman and children, especially children have a better chance if the world is there, if not, we all know the results and no one can deny that pulling out, will result in their domination, rape,torture and death. It is an old story and is rife in the Muslim community, in that area, not all Muslims.

Without the so called Muslim Moderates standing up and demanding change, which they have not done, nothing will change!

Fighting is not the question, it is the rules of engagement that is the problem...

It is the political crap our country has had for over 4 years and will face for 4 more years, at least until the queen bee, Hillary,is blessed into office as President.

I know Karzei and his government is corrupt. I know that it is 10,000 miles from home, I have been thousands of miles away from home at Chanukah/Christmas but there are times when something has to be done.

If we walk, the results will be obvious. No one can be blamed for that except whoever Obama chooses to blame for that one when it happens in 2014. I'm sure that it will be a combination of republicans, their attitude against the Muslim faith, a religion of peace, and somehow Bush!

Either get the job done on all fronts or pullout and let the blaming begin.


I can't believe this is happening?

Pull the troops out and burn that handbook!

Let the Afghanistan take care of their own internal problems and that will save American lives.

Enough is enough. I am so sick of this PC garbage.


The time for winning this , was 8 yrs ago.
It's over, Obama has assured that with his pull out timetable.
when the Taliban go back and Al Qeda as well, it needs to be made perfectly clear , we'll use other means of destroying them other than boots on the ground.

We should just level this shithole and leave.
Nation building only works with an enlightened people.

Not with savages.


nobama is a traitor. No dispute. That handbook is proof positive. Next, he'll order US troops not to defend themselves, because it's offensive to his muzzie brethren.

Snake Hunter Sez,

It's Not Just Afganistan.

Our "Closet-Muslim-Obama" Administration is busy here at home ordering an 'Islamic Outreach' by the U.S. Dept of Justice.

Here's the Link:

___ ___

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