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December 29, 2012


Snake Hunter Sez,

It is this old snake-hunter's view that Susan North's theory is dead wrong about Mitt Romney; he had the business savvy and the "will to win" but his advisors made a single strategic mistake in choosing 'a tax expert' instead of being in open pursuit of a spanish-speaking candidate for the v.p. position!

Here's the factual data:

A Full 94% of the blacks voted "skin" again, that's no surprise... and when coupled with the growing "Latino Vote" the totals are undeniable.

Republicans ignored 'The Race Factor' and Democrats played the "race card" with great skill.

Latinos went 71% Obama, and
21% for Romney. If the Romney camp had chosen Florida Senator Marco Rubio for his running mate, B.H.O. would be packing his bags for Chicago, and Mitt & Marco
would be headed for the Oval Office right now!



___ ___

R.J. Godlewski

@Snake Hunter,

I hate to rain on your parade, but voter race has largely nothing to do with the election.

According to the government, 79.96% of the U.S. is white. 12.85% is black. Being Hispanic is hard to define, but the same source places the figure at "maybe" 15%.

Therefore, perhaps 27.85% percent of the U.S. is either black or Hispanic. This means that for every black and Hispanic in the U.S., there are almost three white people.

If people voted strictly on their race, we would NEVER have either a black or a Hispanic sitting in the White House.

The reason that BHO was elected is because people voted for something else than skin color. My impression is that they voted for "fashion", entitlements, and ignorance.

For example, I argue, why does the President hold significantly higher approval ratings today than before the election? This is the SAME person that less than half of the country thought was doing a good job during the previous four years. Now, all of a sudden, a majority of the people approve of his job handling? Smells fishy to me.


I don't buy that b.hussein's job approval went up. He's done nothing but damage and buy the dependency class. Lamestream media campaign to support the worst potus in history continues.

Snake Hunter Sez,

R.J. The Vote Was Close, Very Close.

If Romney had Marco Rubio
as his running mate, Romney would have won with a healthy margin... you are dead wrong sir. - reb
___ ___

R.J. Godlewski


Romney lost because he disconnected with the population. One, he was Mormon...1.6% of the population. Second, he was a self-made millionaire, again probably <2% of the population. Third, he was the son of a former governor (I do not believe I know the population statistics on that).

Finally, it comes down to the V.P. candidate. If there is one thing that Walter Mondale, Dan Qualye, Gerradine Ferraro (sp?), Al Gore, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, etc. have taught me is that people could care less about the V.P. candidate. They vote exclusively for the primary position of presidency.

Had the ticket been a Rubio/Romney ticket rather than your dream of Romney/Rubio, then yes I can see how the election would have been different.

Further to the point, most of the people that voted for Obama (e.g., Catholics) voted for someone entirely at odds with their personal beliefs. I do not see how this would have changed with another V.P. candidate.

You could have had a Rubio/Martinez ticket and I doubt that they would have won because a female candidate would have offset the gains by a Hispanic front.


The whole damn election was stolen, only thing we have to do is prove it....and that may happen pretty soon........

You can't tell me Romney did'nt get one vote in all of Philidelphia, whilst Obamugabe got em all ?
Now ya know why i call the turd Obamugabe.

And the media namely all of em except Fox is complicit in the crimes of fraud committed in the election.

i for one will have a big smile on my face when Barack Hussein Obamugabe hears : "you are under arrest....you have the right to remain silent............and so on.

Snake Hunter Sez,

R.J. - Sorry sir, you are mistaken. Rubio is an extremely talented and likeable personality that, although a young senator, speaks with authority and a precise eloquence.

This fellow was born to lead the field of hopeful candidates in 2016; It's his destiny!

Watch him in 2015, when he tosses his hat in the ring! I will go so far as to predict Marco Rubio as the First Hispanic President of the United States... on January 20, 2017.

P.S. Wikipedia says that so-called white people represent a diminishing 72 percent (not 80%), with hispanics at 15%, and blacks are 13%... (and the Progressives DO INDEED PLAY THE 'RACE CARD'... With Mucho Deliberate SKILL!)

___ ___

R.J. Godlewski


Wikipedia? Pfft. I trust even the CIA before I trust Wikipedia. :o)

Well, we will see what happens when Rubio enters the fray and Her Highness Hillary gets the Democratic Party node.

If we still possess a country by then, that is.

If we do, I may endorse West.

Mystical Time Traveler

If Romney didn't want to become President why the hell did he run?

Susan North

Why did Romney run? good question, I wish I knew. While it is true that his advisers and consultants bear much of the blame, 'if you will it, it is no dream.' Ultimately it was Romney who chose those advisers and consultants.

True, Obama did steal A LOT OF VOTES - but our side really did a pretty poor job all the way around. The advisers, the consultants, and the candidates were all lacking. So were our voters - too many who would have voted Republican stayed home because they would not vote for a Mormon (last chance I checked Mormanism is a bit strange, but they don't kill their enemies, and when their children want to rebel they sneak around drinking coke or coffee).

As to Marco Rubio - he is a good guy, maybe even a good senator, but I have seen some RINO activity on his part. In addition he is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (nor is Obama, but the DNC cares not a wit for law, if we do we should enforce it).

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