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December 10, 2012



How persecuted can atheists be? A Wisconsin group of atheists is filing lawsuits against Georgia and Texas schools, over Christian symbols and Christian practices.

Poor babies are so persecuted in Wisconsin, they have time and money to interfere in other states.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Atheists around world suffer persecution?

Maybe those dumaaases will learn that they are on the wrong track, before they die and really find out.

Everyone deserves to know true peace, so if they are being harassed, well, so be it.

The couresh of the birth of Jesus, offends them.

Santa Claus, which is completely secular, offends them. Rudolf too!

The Christmas tree, really? really? really?, a Tree?

People living as Jews, Christians but no so much the Muslims, (odd) offends them.

If you don't believe in G-od, then the fact that the rest of us do, in one form or another, should not be a problem for you, it should be a point of hilarity for you that all of us waste our time believing in something that doesn't exist, right?

I believe in G-od, I can not explain why I do to those that do not.

I can only explain that I have faith that Our Lord Above has given us an example of how to live our lives and sine he has given all of us the ability to choose, we either live our lives believing or live our lives not believing.

I would rather live my life believing in G-od, never knowing for sure, before death, if I am right, than to live my life not believing in G-od and be wrong and lose my immortal soul!

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