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December 16, 2012



It's probably very un-Christian of me to write (or even think) this, but if there was ever an opportunity for God to show His power via the Almighty smite, the rock beneath which these Westboro slugs live ought to have crosshairs on it.


Nate: We are only human, and it is only natural I suppose to have those thoughts. It's a good thing that God is in charge (and not us).

I can't understand what these Westboro people get out of the vile and wicked things they do? Pleasure? If so it can only be evil pleasure.


Well...I'm a Christian and wasteburro very poorly claims to be. That said, my very unChristian notions are an EF-5 tornado take this heathen "Jonestown" collection of outhouse refuse off our planet. And that once done, wasteburro will find that they are part of some islamofascists' 72 'virgins'...


I'd like to call in an Apache gunship on the turds......but i digress.


These people are not strong, not very intelligent, not normal. They are being lead by a strong and powerful speaker who has them in a trance. Reminds me of Jones town.

Always On Watch

One of these days, WBC is going to cross the wrong person!

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