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December 15, 2012



Excellent article Jon.

You say: "It would be so easy to over react and create a string of laws aimed at the only items that we can be sure of, ..."

Over reaction is what we had. The bodies were still warm, still laying on the ground in the classroom, and the Left was ranting for gun control, gun laws. gun restriction.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.


Of course they were. The democrats live on three columns, they are:

1. Race bating and making people into victims.

2. Bigger and bigger government to include socialized medicine with free abortion on demand without any personal responsibility.

3. Gun control with the end game of preventing anyone but the Military and Police from having weapons, (under democrat party control) resulting in a disarmed populace and ending in a Police State. of course.

We Republicans, Conservatives and TEA Party types need to stand up and demand our rights, just as every liberal does. Should we do this, we and freedom shall prevail!

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