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December 05, 2012


mystere's moonbat slayer club

All I can say for Kirsten Powers is this: OOPS! Hopefully she'll learn to get her "facts" straight. At least if someone points out the blunder she committed, she might be gracious enough to take some responsibility for it.


I wouldn't hold my breath about any apologies coming from any liberal reporters or commentators.

It's just not in their nature, but I could be wrong.

Chavah White

RE: Kirsten Powers. She really is a liberal, but like Juan Williams, she sometimes bumps into the truth and recognizes it as such. (Alas, their identities and their jobs depend upon being liberal.
The thing with guns is that they are inanimate objects hence an easy target for their verbal attacks. Lberals don't know the first thing about them, and have never faced a grizzly.

And they probably have not been through an earthquake as I was. Although a conservative, it was only when an earthquake hit that I realized that the only thing between myself and death, rape, or theft was a gun. Then I began to realize that ownership is really important.

mystere's moonbat slayer club

There's some hope for Kirsten Powers: a while back, she came to the defense of Michele Bachmann when a bunch of her colleagues went on a mean streak and started violently trashing her and other conservative women. She took the initiative to speak out and try to stop the mud slinging. I have seen her grasping truth at times and digesting it whenever she saw she was off the mark.


Powers isn't a whacko like some on the Left, sometimes she actually sounds logical and agrees with the Right.

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