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December 14, 2012


R.J. Godlewski

I keep hearing the CT State Police chief telling us how "fast" the police responded. Police do not ever respond fast because they cannot be everywhere.

Two smart, well-trained people might have stopped this guy as soon as he tried to carry a rifle into the school. Where could every school afford two such people? By training people ALREADY on their staffs.

We do not need hundreds of police showing up AFTER the fact; we need one or two people that can stop a shooter upon sight.


Exactly right R.J.

This school had a new expensive security system, according to reports, but no human with a gun. I heard some reports that it is "too expensive" to hire guards for every school.

I also read where in Israel, the teachers are armed, I've seen pictures of them on field trips with a gun over their shoulder.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

Sounds like he might have "tailgated" the person entering in front of him to gain access to the school.

Once he entered, he did what that sick little mind of his told him to do.

The only way, to prevent entering a school like this is to have a single point of entry, video access with an armed guard present.

This brings something to mind...

With all the terrorists and scum in the middle east trying to destroy Israel, When was the last time that schools in Israel were attacked like here in the US?

Never! Because they have real "Armed" security and they have teachers that are armed that's why! Unarmed security is no security! Guns are not the problem.

The following is the problem:

Take G-od out of the Government, out of the schools, out of the family and replace it with government requiring no consequences, no personal responsibility, no punishment and this is the result, A-moral, soulless, self absorbed, selfish, uncaring scum.


My boys kindergarten center had an armed police office present at all times in the front office monitoring all of the cameras.

I wish ever school had that and an armed staff.

I can guarantee if a would be assailant were to read a sign, stating that all staff are armed with assault weapons, they would think twice before entering.

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