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January 05, 2013


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Mystical Time Traveler

The first murder that can be traced back to the list should give the DA enough evidence to charge both editors with accessory before the murder and throw their asses in prison for 10-15 years.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

No Way!

Not gonna happen!

The Liberal Left will scream and dance 1st amendment, freedom of the press and the courts will protect them. Remember this: The Supreme Court has already indicated that there is no right to privacy!

Remember when the Muslims were screaming about their 1st Amendment rights?

Their right of free speech to speak their minds, but at the same time, they demanded that the very same right for the producer of the Mohammed movie be denied and that he be arrested, which he was!

This movie was used as an excuse for the US Government to blame a demonstration and not blame the Benghazi attacks by the Al Queada affiliated terror group.

In the same breathe the Press will scream for the revocation for the Second Amendment (2A) and part of that "White Man mentality" and the need to create a "Living-Breathing" Constitution to reflect current advancement of the thinking process away from a physical thing, weapons, to provide safety and security and too a verbal thing, the value of reason and discussion to prevent violence.

Except for their security teams of course!

The US was founded on gun control, the start of the Revolutionary War was a result of a Red Coat mission to confiscate locals munitions and powder stores and bend any barrel around any tree so they could disarm the Colonials, it did not quite workout they way they wanted....

April 19th, 1775 was the start of the War and also the shot that was heard round the world! Lexington and Concord and the march backward for the British Army, that they paid heavily in blood for their mistakes that day!

I can only hope and pray that blood, pain and suffering is not the result of the coming conflict around the 2A!


The left seems to want civil unrest. They must know that threatening to confiscate guns or printing the names/addresses of permit holders are like yelling fire in a theater. They are hoping to shame the RINO wing and get them to rebel against the Tea Party "bitter clingers" in order to break the GOP once and for all. That will give the Great Oz a free reign for the next 4 years.

It's nice to see them overplaying their hands already.

Security Systems For College Campus

Sometimes journalism are just making a lie just to cover a certain person. I think that would be reality. Negative image and positive image in the government should be published or broadcasted in order to assure people if what is happening in our society.

housing news brooklyn

They must know that threatening to confiscate guns or printing the names/addresses of permit holders are like yelling fire in a theater.

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