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January 25, 2013


Susan Benton

OMG - what a line-up. Rubio is a RINO and the other Republicans are far, far worse. As to the Democrats - a rotten lot through and through.


what scum we have leading our country..WOW.

But, you know, just an hour ago, my hairdresser told me her sis was in tears because she has been in America since she was 5 (30 years) and has to go back because she let her papers expire and is now considered ILLEGAL! She works hard, pays taxes, has children, etc. THIS IS INSANITY! ILLEGAL after living here legally for most of her life!?
of course, it's her fault because she let some papers lapse and then her father was going to petition again and he died!
THIS is a woman we make GO BACK? Why, because she is known to have let her papers lapse and now has a lawyer..when TWELVE MILLION are hiding here, many on the dole, and we don't send THEM BACK?



Nobody is going to stand rock solid for the rule of law. Look what happened to Palin and the Tea Party.

Always On Watch

I keep thinking of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. "There's something rotten in Denmark." The rot is at the top, of course.

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