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January 22, 2013



Early reporting on Sandy Hook was so bad it deserved to be mocked. Used to be reporters felt some compulsion to be certain of facts before writing or opening their mouths. While I suspect some who advance Sandy Hook conspiracies are serious minded, I tend to think of the conspiracies as someone doling out just due to the media.

R.J. Godlewski

Conspiracy theories are usually started by those seeking to make the other side look stupid.

As such, whenever I hear something that sounds fishy, I immediately look towards those supporting the White House.

Look at one of Obama's prime supporters on Fox -- Shepherd Smith -- covering today's shooting in Houston. I lost track of how many times that he said "And it happened AGAIN!" Shootings have happen ever since I was a kid and the worst were the gangsters of the 1930s. Again? Sounds too much like the anti-Iraq War crowd: "Today, ANOTHER X number of soldiers were killed..."

What can't they just report the news without the theatrics?


Agree with both John and R.J. The Newtown conspiracies are likely a mix of gun-confiscation paranoia and the what I think was the worst reporting on any major news story in modern history.

Even on casual examination these theories fall apart and have strong resemblance to 9/11 truther theories. The sad truth is that there are evil, twisted people in the world and bad things happen for no reason.


The initial reporting on Sandy Hook had just about everything wrong. Some of the media sources were police, so I can't blame the reporters there. But the rest of it was from by-standers and people who really had no information and no access to officials who did.

There is still erroneous reporting on the gun(s) that the shooter used, and the ones that he left in the trunk and did not use. But that doesn't fit the Left's agenda.

The rush to be first trumped the efforts to do good journalism, get two sources on everything, and confirm that before you report to the public.

As to the generals ...

That is an entirely different situation. There have been at least 4, perhaps 6, questionable movements of military leaders being moved out of positions early. I would truly love for someone to do some digging on those.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

I have noticed and I have stated it here on Right Truth, that Fox has changed, their tone and their drive in the direction of the news and the manner they report it.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Just like I said before, we need a true conservative party, that allows input from Libertarians, true conservatives and TEA party types.

The republicans have blown it by allowing RINO's, (Not me! I am RHINO!) (Republicans in Name Only) stand in line for the next failure that feels it's "His Turn" for the big job, and has continually lost out because they dont have a clue.

Conservatives, libertarians, TEA Party

Ron Paul supporters are around 10 million in the US, the President won by around 3 million, (where's a calculator quick)....But the republicans slammed the door on the Followers and Ron Paul himself.

Is Ron Paul a national leader, yes, is he a Presidential candidate, no, but he would be one HELL OF A Secretary of the Treasury!

We need a leader that will turn this nation loose! That will roll up his sleeves and put in the work to get people back to work.

Obama ain't it!

We would have been in one hell of a rebound right now if Romney would have been elected, yes he's white toast, but, white toast, step by step, conservative fiscal views equals Greenback and jobs and that's what we need now no a turn back to liberal hay days of failure >:(

Frederick William Dame


I'll quote Shakespeare on these posts:
1. The enemedia are "confirmers of false reckonings." - As You Like It I.1.34-35.
2. The enemedia: "What's here? The portrait of a blinking idiot." - Merchant of Venice 2.9.54-55.
3. The enemedia is "duller than a great thaw." - Much Ado About Nothing 2.1.228.
4. The enemedia "have been at a feast of languages, and stolen the scraps." - Love's Labours Lost 5.1.37-38.
5. To the enemedia: "Drop into the rotten mouth of death." - Richard III, 4.4.2

Patriotic, Steadfast, and True
Frederick William Dame


The conspiracy theories are a direct result of the authorities not releasing any information and the media releasing false information. Usually when a crime happens we know pretty much who, what, when and sometimes why. But in this case not only did we not learn most of this (still) but the authorities clearly intended to hide the information from us. Why??? Therefore conspiracy theories.

When the local news reports a crime they typically describe the criminal or have a name, etc. When they don't do this we all nod our heads knowingly because it means he is an illegal alien OR a black commiting a black on white assault. The media and often the police feel the need to hide this from us. Conspiracy? You decide.

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