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January 11, 2013


(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.


A Ruger? When there are so many better choices?

As long as it is piston driven, you are on the right path!

Of course, with your experience, you would know best for your requirements!

Good letter!


I like the Spanish quote:"Only the dead voluntarily renounce their rights."


Please note: the three branches of government are: the executive (e.g. president and departments like the State Department), the legislative (house and senate), and the judiciary (the courts). This is true at the federal level, and I think at the state level, and possibly further down although there is more variety there in what it is called, and even possibly the laws that govern it.

tammy swofford

And why does it look like you are wearing a skirt? wink



R.J. Godlewski


The Ruger is in 6.8 SPC, which does have its role. And, yes, it is piston-driven. I have the PTR in 7.62/.308 if I need anything with more power. For durability, there are always the Kalashnikovs -- both 7.62 and 5.45mm.


Muchas gracias, amigo!


You are correct, that's what I get for writing quickly so late at night. :o) Sorry for the error!

@Ms. Swofford,

Actually, I was wearing a pair of blue sweats for comfort. :o) A bit baggy because I tend to wear the heck out of my clothes. If I recall, there was a lot of junk lying around on the floor and so the photo was cropped. Eh, I suppose if they cut any more then the barrel of the rifle would have been left out.



Yes indeed we will stand for the rule of Law which is "our" sacred Document the U.S. Constitution.

If Obamugabe wants my 7.62 FN SLR Paratrooper he `s welcome to come out here and look for it.
(Him or any of goons would never find it....i`ve got a million places to secure my weapons.
Good Luck to the A-hole !

Not only that , he`s gonna have to contend with a lot of civil disobedience as well, and if he really pushes the issue...i.e. executive order, things will really serious.

`F` Obama !

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