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January 24, 2013


Snake Hunter Sez,

Bravo Bobby Jindal!

That's the ticket; we need robust, hard-hitting high-impact verbal assaults from tough, young speakers with the guts to put those chicago slugs back in their cages of progressive gibberish and deceit.

Guys like Governor Jindal and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida to create a business-friendly environment, and energy independence from OPEC, that will eliminate our need for their blood-soaked Oil.

We can break the chains of
past energy production from the middle east, without fighting their studid no-win wars...
with our fine troopers!

Let's stay the hell out of Syria; let the Sunni and Shia kill each other. It's what they have always done when there is zero christian & jews in the neighborhood. Read their ugly cult history of death!

We North Americans (the U.S., Canada and Mexico have abundant resources of Petroleum and Natural Gas right here, right now, to become energy exporters. We
have the new proven technologies that the Obama Administration is stifling with oppressive and phony "environmental" regulations like that absurd one-year delay of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta to the 'lower 48' U.S. oil refineries!

see Headlines January 23, 2013


We do not ever need Saudi Arabian Oil Again... Do the Research! - reb
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