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January 09, 2013



Yep this is what happens when you have a media that says blacks are good and saintly, and whites are evil.
The incidents of black on white violence here in Maryland are above the national average, my fiance has to deal with it everyday and it shocks her even though she's been a cop for over 20 years.

I'll be honest , and i won't be politically correct about it, but i don't particularly care for "most" black people. (notice i said most...not all )

They have turned out to be sourge on society, and i've had enough of their B.S.
I don't advocate violence against them or taking away their civil rights , but personally i will have nothing to do with a Majority of them.
i would never have them over to my house for dinner, and i would never hire any for my company either, unless they prove beyond a doubt that they are stellar.

I'vehad enough of their whinning and their bullshit about their culture and racism.
Thats all they do whine and piss....Oh it's all the white peoples fault!

Whitey did this...whitey did that !
They are full of shit.
Bought time they realized they are responsible for the way people think about them.

And their culture sucks...especially Rap Music.


paladin, all of them are not like that.
you said that your wife has to deal with that every day, well if you don't want anything to do with them stay away from them. it still seems to me that you think all of them are like that, that's a bigoted mind set. that makes you no better. you ought to be ashame of yourself for your comment. what you said at the end was personal, i think some whites ought to rethink their evil ways, which is why there is so much black on white crime in america.

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