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January 14, 2013


Always On Watch

The CDC as a tool tyranny. Yep, I expected this from the Obama regime.


Did any of the 19 items have to do with walking more guns into Mexico?

Brian Sanborn

As soon as Newtons experience was announced I went to the CDC and download 100's of pages they have on the statistics of death. I believe I sent you a link Debbie maybe, however, scholarly researcjh has been done and is available if you look real simply with a search. Gun control is more guns used for crimes. ANyway back to the CDC...If you are eligible to attend an elementary level scool or are considering it in your future...please look for an all day with extra cirricular care as the CDC says you are 4X more likely to die at home at the hands of a relative than be hurt with a gun fatally. If we widen the scope to health care we see triple digit multipliers and the worst case of all is to mix children and motorized vehicles. Thes are not on par with each other and then you pick the favorite cause of the week. You can add all the gun deaths and household deaths and still be single digit percentage of the motor vehicle deaths. So for all you younger Obamaites leave your home stay away from health care and what ever you do stay the farthest from motorvehicles. As a second thought you might want to carry a sidearm (smaller and easier for child to carry) in case the liberals want to kidnap you and force you back into their car and stop at the hospital to check you out before they return you home.


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