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February 25, 2013


Susan Benton

GOOD is right. While I admire the way Gov. Christie has handled some things, he is very much a RINO and has ZERO understanding of how dangerous Islam is to America and how completely incompatible Sharia is with the Constitution, and that alone is enough to make him ineligible for consideration.

Always On Watch

Christie cozied up to Obama once too often.


Good ! Christie is nothing but an asskissin , Islamopanderer.

But ! There's one turd who snuck in there...and thats Jeb Bush !
We don't need anymore friggin Bushes running this country either.
If by some miracle he is nominated, you can bet Hillary will be the next POTUS.
Damn Republicans need to wake up !


I liked Christie until he decided he would rather beg for free stuff then support the Republican candidate. Future publications of the dictionary will have Christie's picture under the word "betrayal". If Romney had said "et tu Christie" It would have been the best line of the presidential elections.

Snake Hunter

Well, I guess I'm not the only one that doesn't like that blowhard from New Jersey. When he kissed up to Obama, that was it! - reb
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