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February 05, 2013


R.J. Godlewski

I betcha that he asks this question from long distance. He might just get a practical answer to the question otherwise...


He can ask the question all he wants, the majority of the Armed Forces hate his guts, and would never take his side in such a scenario.
The majority of Law Enforcement also hate his guts, and its the same answer with them.

There's already talk of putting the National Guard on the streets of Chicago.
Seems where ever those Liberal bastards are the majority is chaos.
How about you RJ...hows goes the battle in the warzone ? (Detroit)
Do you live there?

R.J. Godlewski


Near there, but I am relocating soon to the Rapid City area of South Dakota.

Lived 13 miles away from the original '67 riots in Detroit. About as close as I care to be. Incidentally, my Masters thesis will be (presumably) on targeted killings in anarchist urban environments (when taxpayer-funded services dissipate)...


@ RJ Good choice on the Rapid City area, you'll be pretty close to where i was born,Buffalo...would have been Belle Fourche, but dad did'nt make there before i decided i wanted out ! LOL !
Lots of space there and like minded people, and a good place to live when the manure hits the propellar, as it's population is pretty small.
Not to mention lots of work in the next state north.
The oilfields there are gonna need private contractors to guard against sabotage from what my friend tells me.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.


If a person is actively, personally and presently involved in aggressive actions ABROAD, endangering the lives of Americans, Our armed forces or our activities, including our Embassies abroad, the answer is "YES!"

The Active word is "ABROAD"

If this type activity occurs inside the US Territory, And its direct jurisdiction any action would be criminal and those involved would be charged with murder and all other applicable charges, to include the death penalty.

(This activity within the US, would constitute high crimes and misdemeanors)

Opinions vary, but that's mine!

R.J. Godlewski


Precisely my line of thinking. Got the mortgage pre-approval in hand today. Great interest rate on a 30-year fixed. Looked at a couple of nice properties out there and kinda like one with 20-acres and few neighbors. :o)

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