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February 17, 2013



Eliminate the departments of: Interior, agriculture, commerce, labor, HHS, HUD, transportation, Energy, education and Homeland security. The handful of useful and constitutional programs in these departments could be kept. All the employees would be let go to join the productive private sector.

Susan Benton

GoneWithTheWind is right. Here is a list with my nominees and the dates of these department creation. Most departments are unconstitutional and are the responsibility of the states and individuals (see Amendment #10), if the departments cancelled below were actually cancelled the individual states could take on those duties if they wished.

State, 1789 - John Bolton
Treasury, 1789 - Donald Trump (or Walter Williams perhaps)
Defense, 1789 (as War)- Allen West
Attorney General, 1870 - Ted Cruz
Interior, 1849 - cancel
Agriculture, 1862 - cancel
Commerce, 1903 - cancel
Labor, 1913 - cancel
Health & Human Services, 1953 - cancel, except Center for Disease Control and put containment on it
Housing & Urban Development, 1964 - cancel
Transportation, 1967 - cancel
Energy, 1977 - cancel
Education, 1979 - cancel this was a payback to Education unions for supporting Jimmy Carter.
Veterans Affairs, 1930 - downgrade and put under defense
Homeland Security, 2002 cancel


I don't know about Donald Trump, ...

I'm with you both on those that need to be cancelled. Never happen though, not unless we truly do get a Conservative president.

Think of all the money we could quit spending on those departments.

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