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February 26, 2013



We expect too much from the Republicans. The Democrats are organized and committed. They are made up of groups of special interests whose common interest converges in getting "free stuff". They aren't burdened with moral views or beliefs. One special interest group does not care that another one gets something they only care they they get something. The Republicans are made up of two groups: the politicians who "lean" to the right (but not always) and the citizen legislators who only ran for office because they believe in the constitution and the country. They are disorganized and poorly supported by the voters. Whenever the left truely screws things up so badly that the voters msut choose someone else there is only the Republicans and the Republican party wins more officies. The rest of the time the voters who might have voted Republican either vote Democrat (for free stuff), don't vote or vote for someone who cannot win but expresses their outrage at those already in office. So once this pendulum has finished swinging to the left and the unions, the welfare recipients, race baiters, communists and socialist have finished looting the treasury and taking away our rights then you can expect enough people to wake up and actually vote (without having to be paid or driven to the polls) and elect Republicans. Of course they will probably elect many Rinos to instead of pure conservatives so even then don't expect lower taxes, restored rights and reducing debt. Whose fault is it??? It is the fault of the republican, independent, libertarian and conservative voters who either don't vote, vote for someone who cannot win or vote for a Rino who can win but will stab you in the back just like a Democrat will. Until we the people take back our government the high taxes and fraud, waste and abuse will continue.


Graham is already going wobbly. Obama purposely went to Newport News today to rub it in his nose--your state will lose defense workers, pal. So Lindsey is now tentatively supporting more tax increases 2 months after supporting earlier ones.

Boehner should not be concerned about it. He should plow forward, pointing to Reid. They should be saying "Reid, Reid, Reid" on every TV appearance.

The real deadline is March 27 when the spending authority runs out. There's also another debt ceiling deadline later. Obama will try to get tax increases on every one, so they might as well let the sequester lapse.

BTW, cannot post here from Firefox for some reason

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