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February 04, 2013


R.J. Godlewski

I'm thinking that some of the stuff they sent in (toys, etc.) might have been surveillance decoys. Perhaps that's what led to the breakdown in negotiations???

Not seeing any legitimate descriptions of the "bunker", I would suspect that they dropped stun grenades down the 4" PVC pipe simultaneously with blasting the door open.

I can only imagine what the kid went through during the raid...


R.J. Good question about the toys. I didn't think of that. They did need some kind of eye inside that shelter/bunker.

Reports were that the shelter/bunker was 6 X 8 feet inside, had TV, electricity, stores of food etc. for about 8 weeks. Neighbors reported that he used cinder blocks and bricks for the stairs, walls, used some kind of shelving, ...

I hope they had some kind of eyes inside, because I feared for what that man would be doing to that 5 year old boy over 7 days.

R.J. Godlewski


Reports had said that the man was treating the boy as a person and was providing him with toys, medicine, etc. I just wondered if he observed a camera in something and then realized that he had been duped.

"Something" triggered the police to move in quickly and that statement about negotiations "deteriorating" implies a lot. This was not a long range raid, say, of the Entebbe type. They had to position themselves and then move into a 'bunker' instantly knowing that if they did not disrupt Dykes, that he "could" shoot the boy.

Even taking down a standard house door does not always go as expected and I assume that this shelter bore a sturdier door that required a breaching charge.


I am just relieved to hear he was finally released. That poor little boy, and his parents, the fear alone, must have been unimaginable.

Always On Watch

Sometimes, kids with Asperger's are very resilient.

Susan Benton

Thanks "Always on Watch" I didn't know that - is it also true of those who suffer from "Failure to Thrive" syndrome?

Mico Ricco

sharing a news :-

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