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February 19, 2013



I will take exception with Aaron Burr on that list. According to the National Democrat Party he is a vile traitor. Remember that there were two political parties back then, The FEDERALISTS and the DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICAN PARTY. The Aaron Burr that we have learned to be a supposed traitor was a Constitutionalist. In other words he would have been ANTI FEDERALIST and ANTI-DEMOCRATIC. The Federalist Party died off before Hamilton/Burr duel and the Democratic Republican party then had two factions, the same ones we have now. The Democratic half wanted strong central anti constitutional government and the Republican half wanted weak central government and States sovereignty. Now The real problem comes to the election wherein Burr is Vice President to Jefferson because Hamilton cast the tie breaking vote for Jefferson because he disliked Jefferson less than he disliked Burr. Once Burr was done as VP he ran for NY Governor and won over Hamilton's father in law. Just like today, ill tempered letters and insults from Hamilton in the private and public finally reached a breaking point in gentlemanly conduct and as was the law of the day Hamilton agreed to the Duel challenge from Burr. The legend has it that Burr fired second and struck Hamilton with a fatal wound. The Democrats have tried to say that Hamilton's shot went off while his pistol was still in the air and thus had no means to dispatch Burr.
So in order to keep Burr from the rightful honor of the duel, which was outlawed shortly after, they claim that Hamilton deliberately fired in the air. That would not follow with the nature and intensity of Hamiltons means and communications. The result is Aaron Burr went back to practicing law in NY and was given a Disney esque legend about how he traitorously assainated Hamilton. The truth does not bear this up and alas no one is alive who was there. THis is identical to what we have now, the Democrat Federalists are attempting to subvert the Consitution. Too bad we couldnt settle this like Burr and Hamilton. I rather believe that there are any number of willing Consitutionalists who would volunteer to take down the POTUS or other anti Constitutionalist leader in a gentlemans agreement. Maybe thats why it was outlawed. Now you have to buy and rig the elections because dueling was outlawed.

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