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February 28, 2013



Lost their mind? Yes they are crazy like a fox. have you noticed that all of the solutions to climate change are: higher taxes, government control of almost everything and more power to the elite? Are they crazy to jump on the AGW bandwagon? Or are we crazy to let them?

Tammy Swofford

Gosh, and I have a video of AQ rebels opening crates of weapons with English alphabet - they are on the ground, and in Syria. Who are we funding? Do we know for sure?


Snake Hunter

Read The History of ISLAM...

They've been killing each other, if there are no christians or jews around, for 1400 Years.

In IRAQ the Sunni & Shiite are still using suicidal bombs every week, and in SYRIA the body-count is approximately 70,000 since January of 2011.

The U.S.A. should stay the hell out of it, let them kill each other. We have no national interest there.

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Mystical Time Traveler

Obama is taking $115 million from aid to Israel and giving $60 million to Syrian "rebels".

Word on Israeli streets is that they don't want Obama to come. I wonder why?


Obama doesn't want to go to Israel either. Rubio went and he looked and acted presidential.

The Obama administration always seems to have money for their Muslim friends.


Hagel = RINO slut to nobama


If there's a video of AQ opening a box of ammo with English on the outside why hasn't it come to the attention of Fox News?

The recent e-book claims Brennan was funneling stuff to the Syrian rebels, yet not one mainstream journo--including from Fox News--asked either Carney or the State spokespeople about it.

Snake Hunter

Debbie - "Obama seems to have money for muslim friends..."

Ah yes! And that Saudi Royal Prince knew... that Barry Hussein Obama (then an unknown student) needed his help in 1987, so this mega-billionaire funded this young student's Harvard Law Education from 1988 to 1991.


Conclusion: President Barry Obama is a Closet Muslim! - reb
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