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March 15, 2013


Sandy Gabler

Newt Gingrich - He knows what needs to be done and has the strength to do it. I trust him to hit the ground running. He loves his country! Just because the old guard wants someone they can control doesn't mean he can't be considered. He would have my vote!!


Rudy Guilani should be added to the list as a potential candidate - a little long in the tooth by 2016 he still knows how to stand up to the Arabs. I also like Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Jan Brewer, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, and Suzanne Martinez.
Could ANYONE seriously consider Tim Scott (good, but not presidental yet), Rob Portman who just went for gay marriage, John Kasich who now supports Obamacare, Chris Christie (who doesn't get it about Islam and besides he damaged the GOP in 2012), Mitch Daniels (good governor but his wife makes him worse than almost everyone as a candidate), and Rick Santorum (a decent guy but he seems way in over his head, looks like a teen-ager, too dorky, and so enamoured of the blue collar crowd - who is going to look up to any of that - besides most Americans who vote are, or aspire to be, white collar).

Mark Adams

-Marco Rubio- Next President
-Chris Christie- needs to be kicked off this list
-Tim Scott- Would love this guy as a VP, but he won’t have had enough time under his belt by the time 2016 comes around.
Rest of them are our up and coming new party leaders.


Chris Christie should be removed from the list, he's not Conservative, his voting record on issues shows that, than recent items I don't agree with,to much Kissie Kissie with obama and the muslims in his state.No I didn't capitalize obama or muslim, they don't deserve it. Allen WEST belongs on that list, strong Military back ground, and is a true American with political experience.


Wyatt: I agree completely about Chris Christie. He should not be in consideration.

Mark: I could vote for Marco Rubio with no problem.

Chevah: I don't know about Rudy Guilani. And Santorum can't get elected I don't think.

As to the rest of your choices, I agree.

Sandy Gabler: Thanks for your comment. Personally I would never vote for Newt Gingrich. I could not believe a word he says. There is something 'slimy' about him.


Debbie and Sandy. Regarding Newt Gingrich, actually I hadn't noticed the slime, but I sure saw the RINO. Read some of his books, the guy is NOT a conservative, more a conservative light.


I will not vote for anyone who would make illegal aliens legal. In fact I would vote for their opponent even if the ticket is Hillary and Michelle. I would rather be stabbed in the back by my enemies then by those who pretend to be real conservatives.


I will never vote for Rand Paul! The man is anti Israel! VIVA RUBIO 2016!!

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