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March 04, 2013



I think at this point the only logical conclusion is that the government and non-government leaders know a terrible economic collapse is coming. The sudden fast and furious push for gun control and confiscation, the arming of the government civilians and now tanks for the government civilians. They are preparing to survive! The elite and powerful are finding safe hiding places and those who cannot run and hide are preparing to defend their compounds.
The part that does not make sense is the crippling of the military and the disarming of our military nuclear force. What is the end game...

If I had to guess I am thinking that after the collapse and after the government civilian forces eliminate those willing to fight that the country will be taken in a coup and/or handed over to a foreign power. Conveniently disarmed and broken the citizens will not be able to effectively protest or fight off the takeover.

(Rhino!) CBPO Jon A Underwood, CBP, Ret.

I can tell you one thing for sure....

Slat armor indicates a protective steps against RPG/AT4/LAW rockets... Proven on the stryker armored vehicles in Iraq, where the RPG's walk around like Chimney sweeps in England...

Either they are prepping for an attack with these types weapons or they are prepping for IED protection and rolling pill box's, protecting hunkered down Federal Officers...

Either way, the are prepping for something violent and HEAT involved munitions.

There will come a time that the Police and the Military will protect those in implied authority, then there will come a time where they will protect people with real authority.. the American people against those those will side with a tyrannical government, that will lose. No Amnesty for tyrants.

R.J. Godlewski

The terrorists -- Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, even those supported by China -- are evolving into directed energy weapons. These vehicles are NOT to protect against foreign threats as DEWs will make them useless on the battlefield.

That said, look for "it" to happen along the Gulf Coast... ;o)


Guess this Obamugabes new Armored corp for his "civilian security force"
Those armored cars are highly suseptible to high explosive rounds and considering all the weak points i can see, it would'nt take much to penetrate one.
They are not as good as people think.
Oh they'll stand up to gunfire quite well, but thats about it.

Me thinks with the coming economic collapse , there are gonna be a shitload of angry people out there, and if major distubances break out all over the country it's not gonna be pretty.

We can thank Obama for that.

It will be the other way around, they will stand for and with 'we the People "


Watched that video of those DHS weenies and their Armored vehicles.

This damn country is fast turning into a police state with that s of a b Obama, and Big Ruglicking Sis.
DHS Police are not needed period.
Thats why we have civilian L.E. officers.
These weenies are cop wannabes, more interested in power than being a professional LE officer.

What a sorry state this country has become.
They outta put those damn Ac's on the Mexican border, at least then they'd be doing something useful
Those weenies look like they would'nt be up to the task of even doing that though.



They were bought for the USMC

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