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March 26, 2013



One has to wonder why Sweden ever made the decision to allow unfettered immigration at all never mind from muslim countries. THAT is their problem. It is of course our problem as well. Our immigration is controlled by special interests to benefit people who are not even citizens at the expense of our citizens. Incredibly many/most of our politicians support it and would expand it. To even raise the issue opens you to being called racist and other verbal assaults.

Susan Benton

It isn't surprising that Sweden allowed unfettered immigration - it is a very left leaning country. And the left fully believes a load of rubbish regarding the third world. They have abandoned their own religious traditions and it never occurs to the left that religion might mean something else, and be meaningful to others. They just thought they were being virtuous by allowing all these 3rd worlders into their country. They didn't (and some still don't) have a clue.

Snake Hunter

Islam, meaning "submission", is self-perpetuating and their sacred book is deemed unchangable. Heresy and Apostasy are "Bidah" or sinful innovation...and are serious charges, punishable with a death sentence in sharia court.

The slurs of "racism" are another absurdity, since Islam is not a Race or a Religion, but a political/military entity, focused on world domination... and the Qur'an is a Manual of War.

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Snake Hunter

Snake Hunter Sez,

Lars Hedegaard and Geert Wilders are two courageous freedom-fighters worth reading about.

Curiously, just hours ago I posted the text of a speech given by Mr. Wilders on September 25, 2009, w/ the title...

"Who Lost Europe".


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Skin Whitening Forever

you're right

Snake Hunter

And You are a Pin-headed Slicker...
for placing your Cheapo Freebie Adverisement...
on Debbie's Fine Informative Website! - reb
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