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April 06, 2013



I thought it was the black gangs in Chicago that kill hundreds every year. Or the hispanic gangs in SoCal thatr kill hundreds every year.

Mystical Time Traveler

Did you expect anything else to come from the Muslim-in-Chief?

Tom Cicero

CSP Phone: 303-239-4382

email: joseph.kluczynski@cdps.state.co.us

Snake Hunter

Snake Hunter Sez,

The Very Top of the List should be "The Enemy Within" that permits the funding of Saudi Arabian Bi-lingual Agents, plus Muslim Brotherhood C.A.I.R.
officials the full use of their petro-dollars to infiltrate our universities, our churches... and the halls of the u.s. congress.

Before September 11, 2001 we had 700 stealth jihad mosques within our borders... now we have over 2,000, most of them staffed by "moderate" imams preaching "peace, diversity and co-existance"
and 'how infidels can build
bridges to understanding' with Islam's Death Cult!

See Martel Sobiesky's "Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down" and Geert Wikders "Who Lost Europe".

___ ___


I think that what happens is throughout history crazy people have committed crazy acts in the name of something. Sometimes that something is religion even Christianity other times it is politics or team sports or gender/race politics, etc. In these cases it was the individual not the "cause" that was the problem. So if you wanted to make the case that some nut who claimed his religion was a factor in some crime there would be examples you could use to "prove" it. But the difference between Christianity and Islam is that in Islam they teach and require this fanaticism and criminal act so it does not require some random nutcase for an act of terrorism it is part of their belief. This simply is not true in Christianity! The religion teaches against those kinds of crimes and actions. Too conflate the two religions is ignorance pure and simple

Always On Watch

"evangelical Christians are the No. 1 extremist threat to America – ahead of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others"

Not a surprise, is it?

Statists despise Christianity because Christianity has long been a champion of individual liberty.


yeah a lot of the neo Nazis are part of that White Christian identity group. I looked at the Army link BOY!!! there sure are a lot of rightwing extremists trying to infiltrate the US military. I had no idea that there were so many. Thanks for showing us !

Snake Hunter

Fundamentalist Christians like our Loonie Evangelicals sit on their hands if a "dreadful mormon" is nominated. So, we have a chicago-black-liberation-misfit in the Oval Office for another 4 years, and we're closing in on 17 Trillion Dollar Debt before 2014... and we're still addicted to Saudi Arabian Oi

Whewee! - reb

___ ___


I do think many conservatives did indeed sit on their hands rather then vote and for some it is because he was a mormon but for others it was because he wasn't a conservative. I like Romney, I truely believe he is a good person which is rare in politics. I have no problem with his religion. But I never thought he would save us. Reagan or someone like us would have been able to do what it will take to save the country but I don't see a single other politician who could do it. We are in another great depression. It may not seem that way thanks to massive borrowing and spending but with 15% unemployment and massive increases in food stamps there is no other logical conclusion. The borrowing and printing of money is NOT an answer and will only serve to make the end phase much worse. Today, we all live in a fools paradise seemingly ignorant of the pending and inevitable doom.


Exactly right about Conservatives sitting on their hands.

They held their noses one too many times when forced with a RINO candidate. They wanted to send a message.

My hubby felt the same way, but at the end, after seeing the damage Obama was doing, he held his nose again and voted for Romney.

Others did the same, but not enough. Romney was no prize, no Conservative, but I believe he would have been better than Obama by a long shot.

Those Conservatives who sat out, and those who wish they had and will if given another RINO, will make all the difference in the next elections.

The RNC should take note, but they won't.

Snake Hunter

There Ia No "Conservative"
in the entire nation that would please ALL CONSERVATIVES...

Ron Reagan & Barry Goldwater are Dead.

So, the "picky-picky" conservatives stuck their collective noses in the air
and now we have Barry H. Obama, Communist-Muslim-Black-Liberation-Progressive-Socialist-Traitor-in-Chief giving F-16 Jet Fighters to Egypt's
Mohammed Morsi, nearly 17 Trillion in Debt, and a lack of Romney;s "Business Friendly Environment" to get us back on track.

We did it to ourselves.
___ ___

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