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May 23, 2013



I am shocked, and yet, not really...Shades of "Pastor" Rob Bell...Oprah...the "angel of light" is HARD at work in this world. Deceiving people straight into hell. GOD HELP US!


Unsurprising; the RCC has (pretty much forever) taught this form of works-based salvation.

R.J. Godlewski

Personally, I have seen many "Christians" that I do not want wasting my precious oxygen supply. And, yes, I have known self-avowed atheists that were decent, loving, very charitable people.

I would argue that:

1. The ONLY way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ.

2. Humans have no idea on how Christ affects our lives.

3. Because of #2, we do not know WHEN we are actually serving Christ.

4. Because we are humans, WE do not decide WHO -- including us -- gets into Heaven. Only God decides and He is infinitely far more loving even than the best Christians on earth.

Believing in Christ and accepting Him as our Savior will not do one ounce of good if we are condemning everyone else. The ONLY way that we can get into Heaven is by living out the Gospels within our lives. Otherwise, we are committing the very same sin as the jihadists: declaring who are infidels and who are not. Saint Paul's writings say that God's Gift IS a gift -- we can exchange it for something worse if we want to.

Well, you asked what I thought... ;o)


Wow! He really said that? Every person who truly reads and knows the Word of God, is fully aware that the only way to heaven is through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope the Catholics won't take this sitting down.

R.J. Godlewski

I think that people are making a mountain out of a mole hill on this issue. I cannot find one word of Jesus within the Gospels that says that He did not come for ALL men and many that say that those who simply cry out "Lord! Lord!" or something to this affect will NOT make it into Heaven.

Remember 2 Peter 3: "The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard 'delay', but he is patient with you, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance".

It is simply not our business who gets saved or not anymore than we can safely declare who believes in Christ or not.


"I hope the Catholics won't take this sitting down."

This is the most asinine statement possible. The Pope leads the Catholic Church and, accordingly, bears the keys to the Kingdom as Peter's successor. Catholics can either believe in the Church or go believe in something else. The Laity does NOT define Church doctrine any more than a single believer can adequately interpret Biblical passages without knowing the circumstances and language employed during the period of authorship.

No wonder both the Leftists and the Jihadists are having a field day with us. All that it would take is a single, authentic Christian to convert the entire planet...

Ducky's here

I'm very encouraged by this. The molestation scandal has made it difficult to return to the church but this helps.

God loves the atheists the best.

Grouch at Right Truth

Well I've never been to Heaven......but I've been to Oklahoma.

I generally don't worry about what other people think or believe. It is none of my business. I believe that salvation is by grace and grace alone through Jesus Christ our Lord. Any good works by believers will eventually be rewarded. We will have to give an account of our shortcomings at the judgement seat of Christ. The salvation of the believer is never in question. This is what I believe.

Regarding others, only God knows for sure what is truly in a person's heart. It is up to God to determine a soul's eternal destiny. That judgement is not up to me.

In Oklahoma, not Arizona, what does it matter?

Snake Hunter

Snake Hunter Sez,

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

Read James 2-26-28
"Faith without works is dead."
Then Read James 3:1-6
Then, Thomas Jefferson:

"Fix reason firmly in her seat...then call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion..."

No Man Is Infallible. - reb
___ ___


Not being Catholic, it's immaterial to me what this or any pope thinks. I know what I believe; God knows as well. When it's time, His judgement is the only judgement that will matter.

Always On Watch

"even atheists have salvation through their good deeds"

If so, then what would be the point in being a Believer?


Faith in Christ is not mental assent; and faith is a fruit & a gift from God Himself works in the spirit are not salvation but are the product of operating in the God's faith. Catholic laity has long given mere lip service to Nicene creed...shame they were once the main vehicle were the gospel was carried into the world. Now look at compromise in all churches.

Snake Hunter

On Faith Vs Skepticism...

Beware of the power-mad leadership that insists that "faith alone is necessary for your salvation".

The Pious Grand Ayatollah and the sly "moderate imam"...
will insist that stubborn non-believers be classified as "infidels" facing a sharia court in this life, and eternal hell-fire in the next!"

___ ___

Snake Hunter

Long Live The Inquisitive Skeptic (Hey, that's me!)
___ ___

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