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June 27, 2013


R.J. Godlewski


My how times have changed. Do you remember that WWII flick "The Dam Busters" that appears on TCM every now and then? The black lab in the movie -- pet of the squadron commander, I believe -- was named Nigger, which, apparently, evolves from Latin for black ('nigrum' leading to
the adjective 'niger' meaning black, dark, dusky, swarthy, pitch-black, pitch-dark ):


Personally, I do not use the word myself, naturally, but scum bag comes into frequent use. :o)

Like I told Paul Ibbetson on his radio program: "I am not a racist, I hate EVERYONE!" :o)



Why isn't Al Sharpton being hounded for Twana Bradly, Freddy's Fashion Mart http://www.jewishpost.com/archives/news/massacre-at-freddys-in-harlem-fire-fueled-by-anti-semitism-kills-8.html , and the Crown Heights Pogrom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Heights_Riot ?

In fact he was rewarded with his own tv show.

Shows the hypocrisy of the left.

R.J. Godlewski

And if you will permit me to reply with a quote from my recent book, OF WHAT PRICE, HEAVEN? ENCOUNTERING GOD WITH A HIGHLY SECULARIZED SOCIETY (Pages 126-127):

"As humans, however, we tend to distance and distract ourselves from individuals though we purport to endorse individualism. For example, take observation of the new face adorning the Aunt Jemima® syrup bottles. In an effort to promote inoffensiveness, the new image is broad in its appeal and, therefore, quite commonplace within expected society. Gone is the challenge to consider, to understand a nation’s past and all of its challenges. There remains no further need to examine because everything has been shoved neatly into convention.

"The former 'Aunt Jemima' proudly wore her attire as a badge of triumph, much as Sara wore her wound as a medal of honor over that which she, as an individual, endured. To change a product’s icon in order to entice a more modern generation simply defines the action as 'marketing' and little more. If we do not accept the brutality and humiliation some individuals suffer, then we do not absorb the broad heroics that humanity offers. Christ did not come down to earth and say, 'Follow me! I’m quick and easy!' Nor did Christians during the first 300 years of the Church run around promising a rich and full earthly existence.

"Like the 'old Aunt Jemima', early Christians were often slaves and thousands were fed to the lions or set afire to light the gardens of wealthy Romans. To diminish these travesties simply dismisses the raw power of human faith. No great leader would ever sacrifice his followers to that, which he himself was not prepared to experience. By accepting the most horrific death imaginable, God told us 'As I have done, so must you if you are to follow Me.'"


We personally ate at Paula Deen's restaurant in Cherokee, North Carolina.

The food was magnificent.

The employees seemed to enjoy their jobs, there were Whites, Blacks, men, women, our waiter was obviously Gay, some older employees, some very young.

Sales for her have skyrocketed, over 1300% at Amazon.com

She has a following and they are not concerned that she said one word 30 years ago under a stressful situation.

I personally have never used that word that I can remember, but as a local talk radio host said today:

"Ray Lewis can get away with murder, but Paula Deen is crucified for using a word."


Nice article Jon.


Libs look for ANY cheesy excuse to take the spotlight off their fauxssiah, Mr. impeachable soetero, and off of their own lying, even criminals acts.

I'd never heard of Paula Deen before this. Now I'll go buy her book to support her and stick a thumb in the eye of libtards.

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