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July 14, 2013



Debbie: Since when, do we convict on mindset?

Since always.

Homicide may be premeditated, due to passion, due to justifiable fear, or even insanity. The legal distinctions are due to states of mind.

Susan Benton

Interesting thought - however it this case the it is pretty clear that 1) Zimmerman is not a racist - he coached (or something)black kids or belong to some multi-cultural what-ever, and that 2) his reason for carrying a gun that night was self protection as there had been a load of local robberies and they all seem to have been done by black kids. SO justice has been served, it was pretty obvious that he was innocent of murder. Self-defense is not murder and Martin was after him.

Tammy Swofford

Self defense is not homicide. The mindset the prosecutor sought to portray was that of a poorly educated vigilante.

Needless to say, we ignore the Tweet sent by Mr. Martin, which described his soon-to-be victim as a "creepy ass cracker", when in fact, Mr. Zimmerman has a black grandmother.

The case is really about the right to self defense using whatever force is available to stop an attack in progress.

Mr. Zimmerman is alive today because he defended his right to take the next breath. The jury recognized this right - that of self defense in the face of threat.

Tammy Swofford


the Florida ag is a dumbass. Period. The jury saw clearer than her, and decided based on what they were supposed to: that the very weak prosecution case failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt has nothing to do with what the lamestream media and soetero racebaiting crowd think. Wanna talk of mindsets? Look at the cancerous mindsets of the Left.

Always On Watch

You might find this of interest:



Yes he had drugs, stolen jewelry, in his backpack. At least two times he should have been arrested for crimes, the school simply sent him home.

Thanks AOW.

See Robert Stacy McCain's article


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