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December 19, 2013


Always On Watch

Back when I was in college, my tennis instructor (required course) was a militant and aggressive lesbian. I refused her advances, and from that point on she made my life in the course miserable. I should have gone to the dean, but doing so might well have meant that I couldn't have gotten my teacher certification.

Since that time that I mentioned above, the LGBT agenda has gotten even more militant and more aggressive. America is foundering morally!


The left is cancer. More proof of it by the day.


Yes they are a cancer. I was approached by someone I suspected was lesbian and all I did was act dumb like I was totally missing her advances and she gave up. Tricky, but acting is essential but the fact is I really just wanted to hit her with something or say "get the hell away from me."

And I once worked at a woman's college where I strongly suspect that the Dean of Women (who was married and had a couple of children) was lesbian. Lot of good it would do to say anything to her.

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