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February 10, 2014


R.J. Godlewski

I concur:



Spineless rinos ARE libtard lites.


'In my universe, that means almost two thirds of the current Hispanic vote is either Republican or up for grabs.'

IMO, all that means is that 2/3 of Hispanics didn't bother voting in 2012.


This is a futile attempt by Republicans to play the game Democrats play. That is offer "free stuff" in return for votes. It won't work, because the Democrats have it sewn up and even if the Republicans did make inroads the Democrats would double down and offer enve more "free stuff". The point is Americans and America are the losers. YOU will pay for free health care for illegal and legal immigrants and YOU will someday be denied health care because there won't be enough money for everyone. YOU will lose jobs and the illegals and legal immigrants will take the jobs. YOU will lose all or part of your SS benefits when you reach age 67 (or 70 or 75 or whatever age they decide it is when you retire) but today a 65 year old immigrant who was 65 when they entered the country will be give SS benefits just as though they had earned them. This is all about using YOUR money to buy votes. It really doesn't matter if it is Democrats or Republicans screwing you YOU are so screwed.

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