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March 10, 2014


Always On Watch

I have formulated a hypothesis (not enough evidence yet to call my thoughts "a theory"). I think that a bomb in exploded. If there was such a bomb, it could have been installed while the airliner was in the hangar for 12 days -- a Salafist mole or other kind of terrorist as maintenance person, perhaps. The radio silence of 1hr10min can be explained as time needed to finalize the explosion of the bomb (timer installed and activated, for example).

I think that it's highly unlikely that this particular airliner disintegrated at 35,000 feet due to structural issues.

I also highly doubt that North Korea shot the airliner out of the sky -- no trace of any such thing, but I've heard the idea posited.

R.J. Godlewski

Now there is talk about the airliner flying 350 miles the other way. We're not yet to the stage of Air Piracy (of the kind that steals planes for resale and enslaves passengers), but there are too many questions regarding this disaster than can be answered within a few short weeks.

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