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June 22, 2014



Cool Idea - it works for me.

Ernesto Ribeiro

Talking on Devil in Charge…

…and true heroes left behind:

We must NEVER forget this man:



obozo needs impeaching and his whole regime thrown in jail.



Agreed, but you don't explain what that has to do with this article. Although it is pretty clear that obozo prefers traitors to honorable military personnel.

Ernesto Ribeiro

Man, yesterday night FOX Channel aired the BEST “24″ episode EVER:

Jack Bauer cheated the muslims terrorists in London, faked the death of the U.S. President, lead them to drop the drones into the sea, saved millions of people, avoided a missile attack on Waterloo subway station — and…

After he got them arrested…

Jack Bauer THREW THE TERRORISTS THROUGH THE WINDOW — from the 50th floor!

clap clap clap clap clap clap

The Ultimate Hero. No doubt.


obozo leaves no deserters behind in exchange for terrorists, but does leave an honorable US Marine behind in a Mexican jail, Chavah. Hence, obozo needs impeaching and his whole regime thrown in jail. No further explanation needed.

Susan North

Thanks Ernesto - I must see the update on Jack Bauer. I stopped at season 7 because I'd heard season 8 he gets PC at the end. But this is good news.

AND THANK YOU ONE AND ALL - I have an idea for an article, not sure impeachment is in the cards (it ought to be), but there are altenatives and I have one idea. Ben Shapiro has another solution that may be as effective as impeachment. Haven't read his book yet but hope to do so soon.

Ernesto Ribeiro

Very Thank You, Susan.

For purpose of "24":

"in season 8 he gets PC at the end"?

OK: here it goes a SPOILER:

(don't read this, if you don't wanna miss the surprise)


Jack Bauer GOES TO KILL the President of RUSSIA at the end of season 8 --- because the Russia Government itself armed Muslims terrorists in order to explode a Nuclear Bomb in NY.

The man got more and more anti-PC. That's why Muslims and Liberals SUED Fox Channel so many times, until they get what they wanted more: "24" cancelled in 2010.

Susan North

Thanks Ernesto,

As I said, I heard he had gotten more PC, But now I feel comfortable actually watching season 7 - wow. Although I know the current Pres. of Russia is a real scoundrel, at least he is a patriot and manly, unlike the weasel we have here.


I cant find the about section on your site

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