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June 18, 2014



So, who is Saba Ahmed? It turns out that Ahmed is a "family friend" of Somali-American Mohamed Mohamud, the 19-year-old who in 2010 tried to ignite a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon.

According to an undercover FBI agent, Mohamud said he’d been thinking of committing “some form of violent jihad since the age of 15” and “was looking for a ‘huge mass that will be attacked in their own element with their families celebrating the holidays.’”

At the time, The Oregonion reported that Ahmed blames Holder's Justice Department for:

... inciting violence, pointing out that the mosque that Mohamed is said to have attended in Corvallis was torched on Saturday in possible retaliation.

"This is very irresponsible behavior because now the Muslim community is the one suffering the consequences," she said.

Mohamud was found guilty by a jury of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and is being held in a federal prison pending sentencing.



I'm still waiting to hear how 'peaceful' Muslims intend to take back their religion from the fanatics...*crickets chirping*...yeah, that's what I thought.

Always On Watch

Brigitte Gabriel rocks!

Her response was perfect.

CBPO Jon A. Underwood, CBP, (Ret)

2 things:


Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims... Think about it.....


What is the Difference between 200 Million radicalized Muslims who kill, decapitate and destroy and the remaining 1.3 Billion Muslims that don't kill but don't do anything to stop the killing?

Not one damn thing!

If you don't stop the killing, if you don't stand up and arm yourself to stop the killing when everything else has been tried, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

We, the People of the West better figure it our that this is a war of Cultures and they will continue killing, bloody mile after bloody mile until the WEST Stands up and starts killing them and stop making excuses for their murderous behavior!

Liberals love Muslims because they think they can continue to be who they are, even when they are told to put on the Vail and bow down 5 times a day... The think their lives wont change....

It will and they wont understand what the reality is until they personally lose out on their lives as they know it now!

Ernesto Ribeiro

Good Image Joke:


Snake Hunter

Snake Hunter Opines...

Brigitte Gabriel had a great chance to silence muslim apologist Saba Ahmed with two questions:

* Have you read the Qur'an?

* Have you read Bukhari, Vol.4, Book 52, #220?


"Allah's Apostle said, "I have been made victorious with terror"

Then >> "War Is Deceit" #269


It is NOT a sacred book;
It is a 'Manual Of War' Saba... read your ugly book!
___ ___

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